Rainbow Card For St. Patrick’s Day

Have you ever had an idea – one that you thought was a good idea at the time – only to find out after you’ve put a lot of time into making it work that it wasn’t such a good idea after all?

Yep. Me too. That’s how I ended up with this green blob on my table. You see, I thought I could punch out a scalloped circle, and with a few well-placed snips, turn it into a shamrock. After several hours, this was my best attempt:


If you cross your eyes and squint a little, you might be able to make out a shamrock-ish sort of shape. Almost.

So, I still wanted to make a St. Patrick’s Day card – so it was time for plan B.

If my card wasn’t going to have a shamrock cut-out, at least it was going to have a rainbow!

I grabbed my Work Of Art stamp set and some Watercolor Paper. I spritzed the paper with water until it was completely soaked. My thinking was that I would stamp the “swoosh” stamp in red, yellow, and blue, and the colors would blend and make a beautiful rainbow.

Not so much.

As you can see, the colors pretty much just ran all over the paper. Not really the look I was going for.


Not to be discouraged, I tried again. This time, I stamped on dry Watercolor Paper, and then washed water over the stamped “swooshes” with my Aquapainter.

But I wasn’t careful, and the paper, once again, was too wet:


Ok, so at this point, I had invested the better part of a day in this card. And there was no way I was not going to have a finished St. Patrick’s Day card after all that time!

But do you want to know the worst part? I don’t think I’ve ever actually mailed out a card for St. Patrick’s Day! I just think they’re fun to make!

So, back to the drawing board (or would that be the stamping board?). What is this, plan D? I’ve lost count!

Once again, I stamped the swoosh – Real Red, Crushed Curry, and Pacific Point – onto DRY Watercolor Paper. Then, very carefully, I used my Aquapainter to blend the colors – taking care not to let the paper get too wet, dabbing the brush on a paper towel as needed.

Finally, a finished card that I’d be proud to send – if I ever actually decided to send a card for St. Patrick’s Day!

And did you see the shamrocks? They’re made with the heart stamp from Work of Art! For each one, I stamped 3 hearts with Cucumber Crush ink, then drew the “stem” with my Cucumber Crush Stampin’ Write Marker.


So that’s the story of my St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Card that took me a day to create! The lesson here? If something isn’t turning out the way you had expected, don’t give up! Keep trying, it’ll come to you!

Leave me a comment & tell me about a project that went wrong for you!

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