My Husband Is Wonderful!

Try not to be too jealous – I am married to the most awesome man!

He spent all of last weekend installing (with some help from me) my Christmas present – brand-new gorgeous laminate flooring in my studio!

This is the before:100_4425I know, not all that bad, right? My studio is a spare bedroom in our house. The previous owners had also used this room as an office, so there was already office type gray-blue carpet on the floor. Functional, but blah! Some time ago, I wore out the plastic mat that was under my rolling chair, so for several months I’ve just been rolling around on the carpet.

For Christmas, my husband suggested getting me a custom-sized chair mat that would cover most of the open area of the floor. I suggested that maybe we could just replace the carpet with laminate that looks like hardwood instead. I am quite blessed, in that he likes to please me, so to the home improvement store we headed to pick out my new flooring!

A work in progress – all the old carpet and padding out, ready to install the new floor:

100_4427All done, just need to move my furniture back in:IMG_3854

The finished room:IMG_3858

I have since rearranged a few things to make my workflow even better. And I love rolling around on my new hard floor! (I think it goes without saying – I love my husband too! Thank you Honey!)


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