Birthday Card Class!

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Social media is ruining birthdays!


Think about it – you look at your smartphone first thing in the morning, and Facebook tells you that “Today is so&so’s birthday!” So you tap out a quick “Happy birthday” message, then go about on about your day.


How much nicer would it be if, instead, you sent a handmade card in the mail? That’s what the #IMBRINGINGBIRTHDAYSBACK movement is all about! The personal connection of a handmade card, delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, and held in their hands.


You just don’t get the same feeling from a little red circle on your phone or computer.


Join me as we take back birthdays in this all new card making class. 

At the end of the evening, you’ll have 5 completed cards, ready to put in the mail, for just $30!


(I encourage you to bring your list of upcoming loved ones’ birthdays, along with addresses, so that you can address the envelopes as well!)



 Registration is open now through March 18th, space permitting.


  • Date – Tuesday, March 29, 2016
  • Time – 6:30-9:00 pm ***Note the earlier-than-usual start time.
  • Place – Stamp With Katie (Katie’s house near Vandalia, Ohio)
  • Cost – $30 gets you all of the prepared supplies to complete 5 cards
  • Deadline to sign up – March 18, 2016, or when all spaces are filled
  • Please see my Class F.A.Q. Page to see what you are expected to bring


Click the Buy Now button to sign up now before this class sells out!

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