How To Print Inserts For New Wood Mount Cases

This video from a couple of years ago has been one of my most popular videos – to date, it has over 1850¬†views. I thought I’d share it again in case you still have stamp sets in the older style “clamshell” cases and would like to switch them over to the newer style cases that Stampin’ Up! now sells.

***Update – Stampin’ Up! has added an insert for the Clear Mount (DVD box size) stamp cases, so I’ve added it below for you to download. If your original case and insert have been damaged, or if you have loose stamps from other companies (GASP!), you can purchase new cases through my ONLINE STORE – just search for “stamp cases” to see the available selections. Then you can print new inserts to put inside your new cases!***

In this video, I show you how to print labels with the stamp images for the new wood mount cases from Stampin’ Up! I’ve added this video to the “Video Tutorials” tab at the top of the screen, so that you can find it again later!

The blank .pdf files are below the video for you to download and print.



Blank Woodmount Insert Half-size

Blank Woodmount Insert Full-size

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