Half Embossing Technique

I just love the look of an embossed background on a card, don’t you? And there are sooooo many embossing folders on the market to use in your Big Shot machine – sometimes it’s hard to choose just the right one!

But what if you only want to emboss part of your background? It’s easier to do than you might think!

You just place your cardstock to be embossed inside the embossing folder – but only the part that you want embossed! If you want to emboss the bottom half of your card front, for example, you place the opening of the embossing folder at the halfway point on your cardstock, rather than placing the cardstock all the way inside the folder. Then you simply run it through your Big Shot as usual, and voila!

And what if you just want a raised strip across the middle of a piece of cardstock? The process is similar. You place your cardstock to be embossed inside the embossing folder, with the opening of the folder at the top most point where you want the embossing to end. Sandwich between two cutting plates, and place into the Big Shot using your Standard Platform. Begin cranking the handle, but don’t let it go all the way through. After approximately one turn of the handle, stop and turn the handle the other way to reverse the platform back out towards you. This will give you a small embossed strip in the middle of the cardstock – you might want to practice with some scraps first until you get a feel for where to stop.


I used the Half Embossing Technique on this card – see how the Brick Wall embossing only goes halfway up the front of the card?

If you’re not happy with the way the top edge of your embossing looks, you can camouflage it with ribbon (like I did!).  To make the embossing stand out even more, I gently swiped a Stampin’ Sponge with Whisper White Craft Ink across it – this really helped the bricks “pop”.

Try out the Half Embossing Technique, and let me know what you think in the comments!

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