Baby Wipe Stamp Pad Technique

I’ve been asked several times recently how to do the baby wipe stamp pad technique. You ask, I answer!

This is a fairly simple (but sometimes messy) technique. Basically, you start by placing a couple of folded baby wipes onto a plate – dinner plate,coated paper plate, Big Shot cutting plate, etc. – really anything will work as long as it’s non-porous and smooth. Add several drops of ink from 3-4 different ink refill bottles to the baby wipes, then use this as a multi-colored ink pad.

Now, if you’re just going to make one card, you can get the same look by simply sponging ink onto your stamp, or even coloring directly on the rubber with Stampin’ Write Markers. But if you’re planning to make multiple cards, this technique will prevent you from having to clean the stamp in between each stamped image. Plus, it’s just plain fun!

In the video, I walk you through step-by-step how to do the baby wipe stamp pad technique. Watch & make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get updates every time I post a new video. When you’re done, make sure you leave a comment below to let me know what topic or technique you’d like me to make a video for next!


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