A Closer Look At My Messy Desk…

A few days ago, I shared this late-night picture of my messy desk on Facebook:


The story behind the picture is this – I had spent a little time stamping that evening, and as I was cleaning up to get ready to call it a night, a bunch of ideas suddenly flooded my mind! Has that ever happened to you?

So here’s the thing – I have a part-time day job, so I have to go to bed at a reasonable time. Besides that, I’ve never really been much of a night owl anyway. At this point, I had already cleaned up my creative mess and was winding down for the night, so there was no way I was going to start stamping again. But, I didn’t want to forget all of these awesome ideas! So, I pulled out the supplies that I was going to need, and wrote myself sticky notes and stuck them to the stamp sets.

After looking at this picture on Facebook the next morning, it occurred to me that you might look at the background details in this picture and wonder “Why does Katie do that?” So I decided to pick this picture apart and share some of my favorite organization tips with you.

First, the binder on the far right of the picture:


This binder is my idea book. It’s just a plain old binder full of the slide-in type of page protectors, and for years I’ve been collecting ideas & slipping them into this book. It’s full of card sketches, scrapbook page layouts, instructions for different types of card folds, technique tutorials, really anything paper craft related. Some of these are ideas that I’ve sketched on scraps of paper, napkins, backs of menus, etc. Others are ideas that I’ve collected from various websites, or even instructions from classes that I’ve attended.

When I’m stuck, or need inspiration, I’ll often grab my idea book and open it to a random page. This is usually enough to spark an idea and get me creating again.

So how about you? Where do you turn for inspiration when you’re stuck?

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